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Hi, thanks so much for your prompt and efficient service. I just spoke to my friend, and she loved the Black Forest Cake and I just wanted to say "Thanks"

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Choco Hamper
Basket of Imported Chocolates: Ferrero Rocher 16pc 1 Nos, Nutties Small Box, Cadbury Fruit Nut 2 Nos, Small Cara-milk toffees with a Soft toy.
Rs: 1850.00 | order now
Special Hamper
Hamper Contains : 12 red rose bunch, 500 gms Danish Butter Cookies Gift Box and 1/2kg Normal Chocolate cake.
Rs: 1250.00 | order now
Teddy and Flowers
Hamper Contains : 25 Red Roses round shape basket and small cute Teddy Bear.
Rs: 1050.00 | order now
Love Bear
Hamper Contains : 20 Red Roses Bunch, 1kg Pineapple Cake and Small n Cute Teddy Bear.
Rs: 1300.00 | order now
Special Combo
Hamper Contains : 12 Red Roses Bunch, 1/2kg Normal Chocolate Cake and Small n Cute Teddy Bear.
Rs: 950.00 | order now
Pineapple -2kg
A very delicious rich cake decorated with pineapple pieces and cherry fruits, flaour : Pineapple, Weigh : 2kg
Rs: 1700.00 | order now
Butter Scotch - 1.5kg
A very delicious rich eggless cake with lots of nuts and cream, Flavour : Butter Scotch Nut Cake, Weight : 1.5kg
Pls place your order one day in advance.

Rs: 1400.00 | order now
Life Size Basket -Just go for this grand arrangement (around 5 feet) of lovely 200 red & Yellow Roses in special way.
Rs: 5000.00 | order now
Life Size Basket -Just go for this grand arrangement (around 5 feet) of lovely 200 red & Yellow Roses in special way.
Rs: 5000.00 | order now
For You
10 Red Roses along with a 1 kg butterscotch cake. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (6 Flavors) each one 65 gms
Rs: 1700.00 | order now
Lots of Love
Give three cheers for that birthday star with our combination of a gorgeous bouquet, adorable plush bear and delicious 20 Red roses & 10 white gerbers & small teddy basket
Rs: 1300.00 | order now
Almond Cake
Almond Cake for your beloved birthday. Weight : 1kg Cake : Pastry Flavour: Almond
Rs: 900.00 | order now
Sweet Birthday
Hamper : 1 Kg Chocolate Cake with Happy Birthday Message, Candles, Baloons (25nos)and also has a Snow Spray to add a blast on the occasion.
Rs: 1100.00 | order now
Birthday Hamper
Hamper : 1/2 kg Butterscotch cake with a Bunch of 12 Pink Roses. Also comes with balloons and a snow sprayer
Rs: 975.00 | order now
Birthday Hamper
This Hamper consists of a Teddy Bear( Height: 10 Inches), a 1/2 Kg Chocolate Cake.
This hamper also has a Snow Spray, pack of candles and balloons popular in any birthday celebration.

Rs: 1100.00 | order now
A bunch of 15 mixed roses with 1kg Chocolate/black forest cake and a Non alcoholic fruit juice bottle.
Rs: 1999.00 | order now
Fresh Cream White Forest Flavor Cake Weight : 2kg
Rs: 1800.00 | order now
Eggless Chocolate Cake
1kg Eggless chocolate cake, Plain and simple...Chocolate. No frills....just chocolate cake with chocolate icing.(NOTE : one day before)
Pls place your order one day in advance.

Rs: 1050.00 | order now
Minions cake -3kg
kids Personalized photo Minions cake 3kg Vinalla cake
Cake: Pastry
Weight : 3kg
Flavour : Vanilla/Pineapple.butter scotch

Rs: 3100.00 | order now
BSA Lady Bird Dreemz cycle(for 9 - 12 yrs) + 3kg Pineapple Frooty Cake + Beauty Mixed Flower Bakset
Rs: 9000.00 | order now

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